Carving Undercover Santas

Carving Undercover Santas

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Carving Undercover Santas.  Carve Santa Claus like you have never seen him (or her) before! A book full of fun carving projects.  This book will appeal to carvers of any skill level.

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Carving Undercover Santas

What does Santa do when he’s not busy being Santa?  Turns out, a lot of things – because he’s always watching!  Enjoy carving Santa Claus year-round as he takes on thirteen different disguises.  From a park ranger and chef to a basketball coach and a librarian.  With a primer on woodcarving safety and painting tips.

Get started with seven detailed step-by-step projects.  Followed by six illustrated progression projects.  Each Undercover Santa pattern includes a materials list for painting and finishing.  Also included are front, back, right and left side caricature views.

Note:  while the publisher suggests that this book will appeal to all skill levels, Dennis suggests that it is requires intermediate to advanced carving skills. 

Carving Undercover Santas is a very inspirational book

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