About Us

Chipping Away is dedicated to the growth and development of woodcarving and wood art.


Dennis ‘Pop’ Moor


Cindy Frank

Integrity and Advice

Chipping Away is a family owned business serving woodcarvers and also pyrographers for 25+ years.  Since most of our staff are woodcarvers we can offer you Advice in addition to guiding you to the proper tools.  We sell only quality tools and supplies.  We ship worldwide.  Our business is based on Integrity.  We have tried every item we sell and if we don’t like it, we don’t sell it.  We also like some of our products better than others and, as a result, we will tell you that too.  Therefore, you will be able to make an informed decision.  Because we are a family owned business Customer Satisfaction is very important to us.  We want your return business.

Our Humble Beginning

Chipping Away began operation in 1992 when Pop (Dennis) took an early retirement and decided to keep a few cans of beans in the cupboard by means of selling his carvings. He soon found himself being asked to teach chip carving as well as present seminars at some of the local wood shows.  Rogers Public Television asked him to do a television series of 45 individual shows in which he appeared as Host.   As his popularity grew, Pop began to travel across Canada and the US to exhibit and teach at shows and competitions.  Dennis’s “Chip Carver’s Workbook” is published by Fox Chapel and considered to be the best of its kind on the market.  This workbook is also published in Russia, France and Germany.

Todd (Dennis’ son) could see the fun Pop was having and became involved in the business immediately after graduating and receiving university diplomas in both Science and Education.  Chipping Away blossomed and this Father & Son Team became loved across North America.

Cindy Frank has been with Chipping Away since 2001.  She is also carver and artist and most capable to answer any of your woodcarving questions.

Cindy takes over ownership of Chipping Away Inc.

Wanting to make sure Chipping Away continues to grow, and serve our customers,  Dennis gave the company to Cindy in consideration of her dedication and service over the years.  Now that doesn’t mean Dennis is ready to retire just yet!   He will be around for another few years while he maintains the website, prepares our print advertising and looks after some purchasing duties.

We manufacture and research new and innovative products.

Listening to the needs and suggestions of their students, the Moor’s designed their own carving knives and found a manufacturer in western New York State.   In addition to their knives, Chipping Away manufactures the Ultimate Sharpening Machine, Ultimate Power Honer, Leather Strops and Belts, and Ceramic Sharpening Stones.  Chipping Away is the producer of “Carving Magical Tree Houses” starring Rick Jensen.

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