“Beginners How To”

Beginners How To

On these links you will find out ‘Beginners How to Get Started in Woodcarving’ as well as getting a basic knowledge on ‘Understanding Wood Carving Tools’.

How to Get Started in Woodcarving

These pages are meant to give the reader a quick glance at the various styles of wood carvings.  There are 4 main styles of carving: Whittling, Carving In The Round, Relief Carving and Chip Carving.  We have shown examples of each.  Once you make a choice as to the style you are interested in, you will be able to choose the proper tools for that particular style.

Understanding Wood Carving Tools

The different sizes, shapes and profiles are described here while giving examples of when they are used.  In addition we also include a brief description of ‘special use’ carving tools.

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