Carving Club Members

Carving Club Members

Chipping Away is dedicated to the growth and development of woodcarving and wood art in all of its forms.

There are hundreds of Carving Club located in North America …and around the world.

We can’t think of a better way to say thanks to all the carving club members that support us then by giving a 10% Discount on over 95% purchases over $50.00! (That’s $50.00 before shipping and any taxes) unless otherwise identified.  This 10% Discount is on ALL of our regular priced products (unless identified otherwise) and CAN NOT be used with any Sale Items or Special Promotions (such as the Gift Certificates that Chipping Away donates as sponsorship prizes.)

This Discount is also meant to stimulate and increase our sales by having you promote Chipping Away at your club meetings.  Therefore your club must be a legitimate one with:
1) regular weekly or monthly meetings
2) have a President and Secretary
3) a meeting location such as Seniors Club, Church, etc
4) have 10 members or more

Do You Want to Join a Carving Club?

There are hundreds of Carving Clubs in the US and Canada.  If you do not belong to a carving club but would like to join one, here is a website where you can find a Club closest to you:
List of Carving Clubs

You may also find a group of Wood Carvers at your local Senior Center, Community Center, etc. that are not listed on the above link

Here’s how you get the Carving Club Members 10% Discount

When you order on-line you will be required to complete an order form ~ at the bottom of that order form you will be asked if you are a member of a Carving Club AND for the name of the Club.  Just complete that information and we will Deduct 10% from your order IF you meet the above criteria.   You may be asked for specific Club Information if we do not recognize your club’s name.   That’s all there is to it!  You will NOT see the discount on your order form …BUT we will apply the Discount when we process your credit card and ship your order.

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