Hannah Veiga Dual Pro Pyrography Kit

Hannah Veiga Dual Pro Pyrography Kit

CA $385.00

Hannah’s Dual Pro Pyrography kit will include all you need to follow along with Hannah as she takes you on this pyrography journey. The dual burner supports two pens which reduces the need to change out pens on a frequent basis. The flip of a switch on the control box preps the pens reaching the proper temperature quickly.

CA $385.00

Learn From a Fine Art Pyrography Pro ~ Hannah Veiga

Hannah Veiga is a talented pyrography artist known for her intricate and detailed wood-burning artworks. Pyrography, which literally means “writing with fire,” involves using a heated tool to burn designs into wood.

Hannah Veiga’s artworks often feature natural themes, such as animals, and elements of woodland botanicals. Her personal style is characterized by precise lines and shading techniques, creating depth and fine texture within her pieces. Hannah’s style of Pyrography requires a steady hand and patience, she carefully controls the burning tool to achieve extensive gradient values and the effects she creates are recognizable as her owe personal style, this makes her a true artist!

Many pyrography artists, including Hannah Veiga, utilize the natural grain and texture of the wood to enhance their compositions, adding another layer of complexity and beauty to her finished artwork.

She shares her work on many platforms and her own dedicated websites,https://hannahveiga.com/ allowing her to reach a wider audience and showcase her own unique craft of pyrography.

Together with Hannah, Chipping Away has created a kit to make shopping easy. To take her courses in person or to follow along on some of her tutorials Hannah has recommended tools and pens that she uses to create her Masterpieces.

Included in this kit:

Razertip’s SD Dual port burner

1-Standard Flex Cord

1-HD Flex Cord

1-F1L Skew pen

1-F2S Small Round Pen

1-F9XS Extra Small Writing Pen

1-F14M Medium Knife Pen

1-F99.023 Ball Stylist 2.3mm

1 HD 30M Spoon Shader HD Pen

2-Clear Basswood practice boards

2-Copies of Hannah’s own line art printed on Pyro Paper

Total Retail $415 CAD

Our Price $385 CAD

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