Arbortech Woodcarving Turbo Plane

Arbortech Woodcarving Turbo Plane

CA $199.00

If you are into sculpting wood or forming sculpted furniture parts, the Arbortech TurboPlane and Mini-Turbo are two tools that could make your work much easier. Although they are sold separately, they work well as a team.

Pop highly recommends both!


CA $199.00

Arbortech Woodcarving Turbo Plane

Arbortech TURBO Plane is one of the most efficient freehand wood shaping and planing blades within the wood working industry. The Arbortech TURBO Plane fits most 4”- 4 ½” angle grinders with either 5/8″ or 7/8″ spindles.  Also, be sure to have your Angle grinder fitted with original metal grinding guard for safety sake!

The blade is fitted with 3 large Tungsten Carbide teeth which provide a long blade life and therefore the ability to handle all hard or soft woods. This blade is machined from solid steel as a result, provides excellent balance and control for the user leaving a fine wood finish, needing minimal sanding. The blade employs a shallow but wide cut surface area, at high RPM’s (up to 12000 rpm) and consequently provide smooth operation and ease of use in creating both flat and curved faces on wood carvings. Most of all the depth of cut can be easily controlled by varying the angle of attack of the blade to the timber.

Mounted to your angle grinder, the Arbortech TurboPlane can be used to shape, sculpt and plane a huge variety of wooden objects. Use it to create large edge bevels, recessed bowls, or to flatten or texture large wooden expanses. It is particularly well-suited to machining curved parts, such as chair arms, chair legs, and for blending curved joints. The 1” carbide cutters create clean shavings rather than dust, resulting in fast material removal and a remarkably smooth surface. Since the cutters stop short of the perimeter, the TurboPlane resists digging into adjacent surfaces, and the edge can even rub against a template guide. Use with 4” and 4-1/2″ angle grinders with a 5/8″ or 7/8″ arbor.

Arbortech Woodcarving Turbo Plane Features:

•Freehand power carving in hard and soft wood
•Wide cutting edge per tooth leaves a smooth finish requiring minimal sanding
•Rapid sculpting, planing and trimming
•Use level to plane surfaces smooth and flat; use angled to create convex and concave shapes
•Excellent control, balance and resistance to gouging (no cutting teeth on blade perimeter)
•Durable tungsten carbide teeth ensure long blade life even in hard woods
•Easy to sharpen with a fine diamond lap stone
•Precision machined from solid steel


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