Wecheer Variable Speed Foot Pedal

Wecheer Variable Speed Foot Pedal

Our Variable Speed Electric Heavy Duty Foot Petal gives you speed control of the rotary power woodcarving tool or as well as saving you reaching for the on-off switch.


Wecheer Variable Speed Foot Pedal

Our Wecheer Variable Speed Foot Pedal offers effortless installation.  Just plug the foot switch into a grounded outlet, then plug the machine into the foot switch.  The further you push the pedal, the faster the motor operates.  The pedal foot pedals turn ON only when stepped on and switches OFF when stepped off.

In addition to durable solid state electronics, the ergonomic design allows precise and reliable speed control and therefore comfort for your foot.  The bottom surface is covered with non-skid material.   Regulates motor speed, leaving your hands free to hold tools and workpieces.  Can be used with most flexible shaft kits. Cord length is 74″.

Standard 120 volt


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