Proxxon Quality Table Saw FET

Proxxon Quality Table Saw FET

CA $583.70

Pop has used one of these Proxxon Quality Table Saw FETs in the Chipping Away shop for over 15 years!  Excellent machine!   NO DISCOUNTS

CA $583.70

Pop has used one of these Proxxon Quality Table Saw FETs in the Chipping Away shop for over 15 years!  Excellent machine!   For cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, fiber-glass reinforced sheets, foam and in addition to many other materials.  Stable construction because load bearing parts and plane-milled table are made of die-cast aluminium.

The micro-adjustable, precise and stable longitudinal stop also provides decisive advantages.  Corrections even smaller than 0.004″ (1/10mm) can be made after coarse adjustment using an adjusting screw. The blade height is adjustable and 45° tiltable saw blade, therefore, making it possible to cut double mitres when used together with the angle stop.

Low-noise drive using DC special motor with compound belt driver.  Ball-bearing saw blade shaft.  Tungsten tipped saw blade  3 9/64″ (80mm) x 1/16″ (1.6mm) x 13/32″ (10mm) (24 T). Additional work piece pusher and non-slotted ABS sawing gap cover for tight tolerances between saw blade and table.

Blade height and tilt adjustments.  The machine may be used with all Proxxon blades providing  2″ to 3 11/32″ (50 – 85 mm) with 13/32″ (10 mm) bore. The depth of cut is adjustable from 3/64″ – 7/8″ and the blade may be tilted through 45°.

Proxxon Quality Table Saw FET Technical data:

110 – 120V AC. 60Hz. 7,000rpm. Mitre infinitely adjustable up to 45°.  Table size 12″ x 12″ (300 x 300mm). Cutting depth 0.04 – 5/6″ (1 – 22mm). Saw blades between 2 – 3 11/32″ (50 – 85mm) can be used (with 13/32″ (10mm) centre hole).  Weight approx. 12 lb (6kg).

Furthermore, the table and drive can be lifted up and supported like an engine hood.  Hence, cleaning the device as well as easy saw blade replacement.

1   Extendable table extension with integrated auxiliary stop.
2  Plane-milled table in die-cast aluminium with 2 continuous T-nuts for the angle stop.
3  Saw blade protection runs up automatically when sawing.
4  Clamping screw for height adjustment and pivoting the hard metal-equipped saw blade.
5  Scale helps when adjusting the longitudinal stop!
6  Setting screw for fine adjustment of longitudinal stop by 0.004″ (1/10mm).
7  Angle stop with stop rail of aluminium and adjustable limit stop for manufacturing parts of equal length and the same angle.

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