Carving Adorable Animals

Carving Adorable Animals

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Carving Adorable Animals.  This intermediate level pattern book offers 12 woodcarving projects.  From pandas and foxes to raccoons and otters

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Carving Adorable Animals

This intermediate level pattern book offers 12 woodcarving projects.  Pandas and foxes to raccoons and otters and so many more.  Also, each design includes a pattern template, hair tract guide.  Patterns offer a color chart for painting guidance to!  Follow step-by-step instructions to complete a charming wolf project.  Then accomplish the remaining animals on your own!

There are helpful tips and notes throughout for each animal.  Furthermore, this is the perfect book Carving Adorable Animals for woodcarvers looking for challenges to hone their skills.

Carving Adorable Animals.

In addition to the wolf there patterns for the following:  Otter,  Fawn,  Kangaroo,  Elephant.  Plus a  Fox,  Chipmunk,  Bobcat,  Donkey,  Raccoon,  Rabbit and a Panda.

Author Desiree Hajny is an award-winning woodcarver, instructor, and Woodcarving Illustrated contributor.  She is also one of the founding members of the Caricature Carvers of America.

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