Proxxon Drill Stand

CA $103.95

Proxxon Drill Stand provides the steadiness when needed and turns your 50 and 50E rotary tool into a mini drill press for drilling very fine holes.  NO DISCOUNTS

CA $103.95

The Model 50 and 50/E miniature rotary tools fit perfectly into this Proxxon Drill Stand.  Hence, it provides steadiness when needed and turns your rotary tool into a mini drill press.  In addition, it makes your rotary tool more versatile as it holds it horizontally also.  Therefore, you can use it like a bench grinder.  The drill stand keeps the tool lined up and allows you to control it easily.

Proxxon Drill Stand – Quality Made

The 4 3/4″ x 8 11/16″ table is milled and fitted with a fence and scale.  The solid column is chrome plated.  The head-stock is of die-cast aluminum, offers a throat capacity of 5 1/2″ and 1 3/16″ travel.  Furthermore, the chromed feed lever offers a very sensitive feed set-up.  T-bars allow simple height adjustment as well as the fixing of the drill units in the 3/4″ (20 mm) bore fitting.  The mill/drill collar, with scale, tilts through 90

The drill stand offers a depth stop as well as drilled and tapped holes for securing the MICRO compound table KT 70.  For more simple jobs our small Machine Vise below, is easily to be attached right to the fence of the drill stand.

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