Pfeil Swiss Made Carving Tools Set

Pfeil Swiss Made Carving Tools Set

CA $1,100.00

Swiss Made by Pfeil Full Size carving tools average 9.5″ to 10.5″ in length and provide two-handed control.  A mallet may be used with these Swiss Made full size carving tools.  Because the tools are factory ground, tempered and polished they are ready-to-use straight from the package.

CA $1,330.00 CA $1,100.00

Pfeil Swiss Made Carving Tools Set of 25 Full Size Professional Tools in a Canvas Tool Roll

Pfeil Swiss Made Carving Tools Set – with Tool Roll Includes:

#1 Straight Chisel 16mm, #1 Skew Cut Chisel 16mm, #2 Gouge 20mm, #3 Gouge 3mm, #3 Gouge 12mm, #3 Gouge 25mm, #5 Gouge 35mm, #7 Gouge 20mm, #8 Gouge 7mm, #8 Gouge 18mm, #8 Gouge 25mm, #8 Spoon Gouge 18mm, #7 Heavy Bent Gouge 25mm, #9 Gouge 7mm, #9 Gouge 15mm, #11 Veiner 2mm, #11 Veiner 10mm, #15 V-Parting Tool 3mm, #12 V Parting Tool 10mm, #14 V Parting Tool 8mm, a Brienz Carver’s Knife, a 14-1/2 oz. beech carving mallet, a No.1 and a No.2 Arkansas honing stone, one 4 ounce container of sharpening oil presented in a canvas tool roll.


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