Whittling Your Free Time

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Whittling Your Free Time

  • 16 easy projects using the approachable flat-plane style of whittling and carving
  • Beginner-friendly method can be split into complexity levels from very simple, for novices, to more challenging, for experienced carvers
  • Step-by-step instructions and photography take you through each project
  • Expert tips for painting and finishing, plus the basics on knife safety, sharpening, and more
  • Whittle a variety of animals from safari, aquatic, and woodland to farm and domestic animals

Inside Whittling Your Free Time, you’ll learn the basics of whittling by practicing four simple knife cuts.  Includes easy-to-follow exercises you’ll find 16 fast, easy, fun whittling projects.

Packed with step-by-step instructions and clear guidance on painting and finishing.  You’ll easily learn how to whittle a variety of animal projects with this helpful guide. Create awesome safari animals like giraffes and rhinos, aquatic dolphins and whales.  Plus woodland deer and wolves, farm animals like chickens and horses, and beloved pets like a Golden Retriever!

Progressing from very simple to more challenging, each project is meant to encourage you.  Consequently the rewarding and relaxing path of whittling and help you build your carving skills. Even if you’re short on time, the quick and easy designs inside make this the perfect project book.

The Scandinavian flat-plane woodcarving style is a simplified method.  Furthermore, it is perfect starting point for a woodcarving novice. Whether you’re new to whittling or have been doing it for years this is a great book.

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