Mary May Beginner Set

Mary May Beginner Set

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Mary May Beginner Set. Mary’s favorite tools are the Fish Tail style made by Pfeil in Swizterland …commonly referred to as Swiss Made Tools

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Mary May Beginner Set

We have put together Mary’s Beginner Fishtail Set at a package price and we won’t be beat ..EVER!  If you find a cheaper price, we will beat it!
The Mary May Beginner Set set shown on Mary’s website and pictured here in the Gallary consists of:
*V-tool #12 -6mm (not available in Fish Tail style), #3F-6mm,  #3F -14mm,  #5F-14mm,  #7F-6mm and #7F-14mm

Mary May On-line Woodcarving School

Mary’s classes, both on-line and in person, are widely acclaimed.   Her on-line classes are the most popular since you can learn right in your home at a time convenient to you.  Mary says:  “I’ll show you every step in as much detail as possible. My teaching approach is methodical and thorough, without skipping over important details. In fact, one of my lessons includes a whopping 7 and 3/4 hours of video.”

Many of her students do not have access to the internet in their workshops. Others live in remote places where high speed internet is too slow for high-def videos. How can they watch my lessons on laptops, tablets or phones in their workshop?  Easy! She offers download capability. Premium Monthly and Premium Full Year members can download videos and play them while not connected to the internet. It’s a great way to take me with you into the shop. You can carve along with me and replay the video as often as you want!

Tool Rolls and Leather Strop


Your Swiss Made tools will last time if you treat them properly.  They will keep their edge extremely well and generally require a stropping only.    A simply stropping on leather will keep them in tip-top shape for hours of carving enjoyment.  Do not sharpen them on a regular basis – only when they require it.

Protect your tools and yourself …consider a 12 Pocket Tool Roll in which to store your tools!  Choose our Large Tool Roll for this Mary May Set.

Here is our Chipping Away Leather Strop …choose it and a bar of green honing compound.