Mary May Beginner Woodcarver Set

Mary May Beginner Woodcarver Set

CA $282.02

We have put together Mary’s Beginner Fishtail Set at a package price and we won’t be beat ..EVER!  If you find a cheaper price, we will beat it!

We have put together all of  the Mary May Carving Tool Sets in packages including Beginner, Additional #1 and #2 to save you money and to make your selection and purchase easier.

CA $282.02

Mary May Beginner Woodcarver Set

The Mary May Beginner Woodcarver Set shown on Mary’s website and pictured here consists of following Swiss Made Fishtail Tools: *V-tool #12 -6mm #3F-6mm #3F -14mm #5F-14mm #7F-6mm #7F-14mm.

The “F” stands for “Fish Tail”

Fishtail chisels and gouges are useful because they flare out from the shaft at the cutting end – resembling a ‘fish tail’.  They let you see the wood you are carving better as the narrow shafts do not block you view. Fishtail gouges allow you to get into tighter corners and more restricted areas.   For a thorough understanding of “Sweeps” and “mm” …see our page on “Understanding Woodcarving Tools”

Mary’s love for Fishtail tools is no surprise to us!   Fishtails tools are a joy to use as they are a bit lighter in weight and have a well-balanced feel to them.

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Tool Rolls and Leather Strop

Canvas Tool RollsYour Swiss Made tools will last time if you treat them properly.  They will keep their edge extremely well and generally require a stropping only.    A simply stropping on leather will keep them in tip-top shape for hours of carving enjoyment.  Do not sharpen them on a regular basis – only when they require it.

Protect your tools and yourself …consider a 12 Pocket Tool Roll in which to store your tools!   Choose our Large Tool Roll for this Mary May Set.

Here is our Chipping Away Leather Strop …choose it and a bar of green honing compound.

Check out these Journeyman Brass Head Mallets too!

Mary says:   To Mallet or Not To Mallet?    That is the Question…

I often go back and forth as to whether I use a mallet or not. Sometimes I switch just to get a change of muscle use. Sometimes one or the other gets too repetitive, and I simply need variety and a rest.
If I am trying to remove a lot of wood, then I use the heaviest mallet I have – between 1.5 lb and 2 lb. The 2 lb. mallet can create muscle fatigue much quicker, where the 1.5 lb. mallet requires more strokes, but I am often able to carve for longer periods. It is better to use a wooden mallet for this heavy pounding, as the metal-headed mallets can do more damage to the wooden gouge handles. In spite of this potential, I often end up using the metal mallets because of the less bulky nature, and deal with any damage to the handles that come along.
I often use my metal mallet for lightly tapping controlled v-cuts. This will be very clear in the lesson where I carve the phoenix in the guitar body. With the wood being maple, the mallet guided the v-chisel in a much more controlled manner when I needed to keep the curves twisting and accurate. There were a few times when I tried pushing through without using the mallet, and it often slipped further than I wanted. Harder woods and pushing through with a v-chisel tend to be much more difficult to control.