Flexcut Chip Carving Set

CA $81.84

This new Chip Carving Set includes Flexcut’s Chip Carving Knife (KN15), Mini-Chip Carving Knife (KN20) and Skew Knife (KN11).  Everything you need to create the intricate geometric or freestyle patterns that are the hallmark of the craft.  Also comes with a bar of Sharpening Compound.

CA $81.84

This Flexcut Chip Carving Set is everything you need to create the intricate geometric or freestyle patterns hallmark of the chip carving craft.  Lettering is also very much part of the art form.  Carving someone’s name on boxes, wall plaques, etc. turns them into very personal keepsakes.  Furthermore, they will be cherished and even handed down generation to generation.

What’s included in the 3-knife set:

KN15:  The traditional Chip Carving Knife is a short-bladed knife used to make cuts therefore creating intricate designs in wood.  Designs carved in this fashion are cut into the wood or incised, not relieved.  Blade Bevel Length: 1″

KN20:  The Mini-Chip Carving Knife has an ultra-thin blade, consequently making delicate cuts easier to execute.  The smaller handle is faceted with multiple control points to allow them to be held in a variety of comfortable positions.   Blade Bevel Length: 5/8″

KN11:  The Skew Knife is used for making embellishing cuts.  In Chip Carving this knife can also be referred to as a Stab Knife.  Blade Bevel Length: 5/8″

A bar of Polishing Compound is included to help keep your blades razor-sharp.

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