Moor Chip Carving Knives

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Chipping Away is delighted with Dennis Moor’s (Pop) chip carving knives.  Just when we all believed you simply could not improve such a traditional knife…along comes a new shape that has chip carvers smiling from ear to ear!


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US $23.95
US $23.95
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These new Moor chip carving knives have innovative handles that are more than ergonomically shaped ~ their profile insure the correct holding position.  Molded from superior synthetics, their texture provides a high coefficient of friction.  Pop says: “that means they won’t slip in your hand!”.

Large or Small Cutting knives – depending on your hand size.

A wider throat on the Large Cutting Knife makes it much easier to see the lines you are following.  Plus, your thumb is kept back out of the way.  They are the most comfortable chip carving knives you will ever hold!  The blades are made to the same exacting standards as the popular original Moor knives.  Hardened to a Rockwell 60Hrc means they will hold their edge well.

The new “small” cutting knife, has a much longer handle than the original ‘small knife’.  It is very comfortable for those with small hands.  Those with larger hands will appreciate this new size as being easier to hold and therefore control for those delicate tasks.

We are happy to offer these great Moor Chip Carving Knives both sharpened and ready-to-use, which is what we recommend for beginners, as well as with the factory ground edge that will require final sharpening before use. Many experience chip carvers prefer to sharpen their own knives …now you have that option.

We also offer them in a Set of 3 at a Discounted Price!


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