Chip Carver’s Workbook

CA $19.14

This 96 page book by noted chip carver and instructor Dennis Moor will introduce you to this timeless craft that is easy to learn and produces beautiful, ornate results. In his engaging and accessible teaching style, Dennis outlines the basics of wood selection, tools, and sharpening plus layout, lettering, and finishing. His techniques will have you decorating household items and creating artistic pieces in a variety of designs.
Seven enjoyable and useful projects are perfect for practicing your techniques as you master this classic art form: Napkin Holder; Plant Box; Letter Holder; Trinket Box; Tissue Box Holder; Mailbox; Cheese and Cracker Tray. 96pp    Published in USA, Russia, Germany and France.

Listen to Dr. John L. Hunsucker, of Texas:
I have been a chip carver for at least 40 years. Bought a copy of your book several years ago. Without a doubt, this is the single best reference for chip carving that I have ever seen. Even an old dog can learn new tricks from your book and it seems to hit just the right level for beginning carvers.

CA $19.14
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