Pana Vise 437 Head Duty Woodcarvers

Pana Vise 437 Head Duty Woodcarvers

CA $32.50

For wood carving we recommend the #400 Heavy Duty Series. You get all the “tilt (180), turn (360) and rotate (360)” with extra holding power!

Combine the 400 Base with this with the #437 Head for an economical woodcarvers vise.

CA $32.50

Pana Vise 437 Head Duty Woodcarvers

Model: Pana Vise 437 Head Duty Woodcarvers.  Combining this head with our 400 Heavy Duty Base.  this combination is a great work holder for woodcarvers at a very economical price.

A rugged Fixturing Head for heavy duty projects!

• Recommended for use with the 400 Heavy Duty Base

• Four “universal” slots 0.29″ (7.37mm) wide for attaching forms, parts, etc…

• Flat Head is 3″ x 6″ (76.2mm x 152.4mm)

• Shaft is 1″ (25.4mm) in diameter and 3.25″ (82.5mm) long. Shaft is drilled and tapped 1/4-20 (screw included) for permanently securing to base

• Height (bottom of shaft to top of head): 4″ (101.6mm), Weight: 0.86 lbs. (0.4kg)


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