Leather Stropping Compounds

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CA $8.90
CA $19.44
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Leather Stropping Compounds

We know sharpening and polishing woodcarving tools!   Our shop even offers a sharpening service for woodcarvers.  Here are the leather stropping compounds we recommend …and why!


We have added more ‘grease’ to the binding agent which makes the compound more pliable and easier to work into your leather strop. It is not as abrasive as other compounds, but will give your tools that final ‘mirror like’ finish.  Our 6 oz bar will last quite a while!


It is a blend of both chromium and aluminum oxide to give the best combination of cutting speed and fine finish. The bonding is formulated for ease of charging. It will adhere equally well to felt, leather or wood.  Cuts quickly but leaves a mirror finish with a light wax film.  Ideal for carving tools but but furthermore it can be used for final honing of almost any tool. Use with a felt wheel or leather belt for power honing or with a leather strop for hand honing.  Our 6 oz bar will last a long, long time.


This polishing compound is the most aggressive of our three (red, green, gold).  You will get the job done faster whether polishing by hand or with power.  Because it has less matrix, it crumbles easier when applied to the leather or felt.  Comes in a 3 oz bar.

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