Honing Oil 4oz Bottle

CA $16.37

Honing Oil is highly refined oil and excellent for lubricating your stone when sharpening. Remember, you should never use an Arkansas Stone without some type of lubricant, or you will clog up the pores and it will not sharpen properly.  Our Premium Honing Oil is a light mineral based oil for easy lubrication of the sharpening surface.  The oil is used to float away particles of metal that accumulate on the surface of your sharpening stones.   See page for TIPS

CA $16.37

Honing Oil Tips:
There is no need to soak your Arkansas stones in any type of oil.  Before you begin sharpening each time, spread a THIN stream of oil on the stone and spread it over the entire surface.

Do not use too much! One thin coating is all that is needed for most jobs unless you are using the stone for a long period of time.

Be sure to clean the stone when you are finished.  You may use Honing Oil to clean the stone by applying a small amount and rubbing it in a circular motion all the way down the length of the stone.  WD40 also makes a good cleaner.  You will notice the metal particles rise to the surface from the stone’s pores and you can then wipe them off using paper towel or clean rag.

Hold your stone under running water to finish cleaning, after this rinse be sure to dry the stone off using a paper towel or clean rag.

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