Woodcarvers Razaire 530 Dust Collector

Woodcarvers Razaire 530 Dust Collector

CA $360.00

CA $423.00 CA $360.00

Woodcarvers Razaire 530 Dust Collector

Pop has one of these and recommends it without any hesitation whatsoever.  Yes, it is a little costly (due to its quality components) …but you will be amazed at how great it works.

The Woodcarvers Razaire 530 Dust Collector  is the smallest, quietest, most powerful and versatile portable dust collector in the world at only 11″x 11″x4″ and weighs 9.5lbs.

Woodcarvers Razaire 530 Dust Collector – It’s a Modular System:

Because it is a modular system, it can handle the dust control needs of any small home workshop.  It will collect dust at the source (rotary carving tools, etc) to overall shop air filtration. How does it work? Basically, dusty air enters the front of the unit, drawn in by a powerful impeller fan.  It is trapped by a filter that removes over 90% of 3-4 micron sized particles (about the size of baby powder). Clean air is then exhausted out the side.  For most carving applications, it is not necessary to carve inside the acrylic hood -working 6″ in front of it usually provides satisfactory results. The 530 comes with a standard 2″ filter which can easily be removed for cleaning.


CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the way airflow is measured. The Razaire 530 fan is rated at 530 CFM, but you probably won’t want to run it that high most of the time. The fan will develop up to 4 times as much vacuum or pull, as other portable dust collectors.  Therefore, at high settings it can pull very fine particles right through the filter!  To avoid this, turn the fan down or, if you need the extra suction, add a second filter stage.