Approx 3.5lb Cottonwood Bark

Approx 3.5lb Cottonwood Bark

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Approx 3.5lb Cottonwood Bark

Hand Selected and shipped right to you!

Our hand-selected pieces of cottonwood bark for woodcarving are just what you have been looking for.  Good thick pieces are extremely difficult to get, unless you live in northern British Columbia and not afraid of a good hike into the forest.  Furthermore, they require harvesting by someone experienced.  We always have a good selection of pieces in a variety of sizes and weights. While it is difficult to fit your order exactly, we can be very close and you will only be charged for ‘actual weight’.

Approx 3.5lb Cottonwood Bark for Carving – What Size Should You Order?

Bark is Excluded from our Black Friday Promotion

Cottonwood is the best tree bark for woodcarving!  We have found that 1 lb is a nice size for carving wood-spirits or single whimsical cottage or lighthouse.  If you want to try some double whimsical cottages, completely round cottages, multiple spirits, etc., then choose a piece around 2 lbs or larger for best results.  Use this guideline as to typical sizes and weight:         1-1/2 lb piece is approx 3-1/2″ in width, 15″ long, and 3″ thick.  If you are after a bigger piece that is not a problem ~ we’ve got it!

AND … tell us what you plan to carve (IE: wood-spirit or faces, houses, castle, etc) and we will try to pick a piece suitable to your needs.

We try to get you a “natural end” on at least one end of the bark …but cannot always guarantee this (especially if you want a specific weight).

NOTE:    There MAY BE additional shipping charges based on weight of your order.  IF there is a difference in shipping charges from that shown on your order – we will email you the cost for approval BEFORE we process your order.

Be sure to see our book and several DVD’s on bark carving too!