Ruby Plated Carvers additional choices

Ruby Plated Carvers additional choices

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Shown from Left to Right:   #23 #25 #27 #30 #31

#’s23, 25 and 27 are 1/4″ diameter;  #30 is 3/8″ diameter and #31 is 1/2″ diameter

all have 3/32″ Shanks and approximately 1 3/4″ length.

CA $19.84
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CA $21.90
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CA $29.25

Ruby Plated Carvers additional choices

Ruby stones are mainly used by bird carvers but if you are looking for a fine texturing bur you can’t beat our ruby carvers.

You have spent a lot of time with your carving and therefore you should give your carvings the award winner’s edge with our ruby points. Universally accepted by top carvers. Coarse Ruby points cut & shape quickly with little regard to grain direction, but most of all, leave a surprisingly smooth finish. They will outlast conventional steel cutters by many times therefore saving you money. Top speed 30,000 RPM. Shanks 3/32″

Ruby Plated Carvers additional choices – Ideal for Micro Motor use

Made in the Switzerland under strict quality control. They have 3/32″ Shanks and an approximately 1 3/4″ length. Highly recommended to be used with Micro Motor Machines.