Thinking Inside Caricature Roughouts

Thinking Inside Caricature Roughouts

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Thinking Inside Caricature Roughouts.  A comprehensive look into the creative thinking and carving process by 28 of America’s leading caricature carvers.  It offers a wealth of information you must have to reach your full carving potential.  Very inspiring.


Thinking Inside Caricature Roughouts

28 Caricature Carvers Share Insights.  Composed by Bob Travis & Caricature Carvers of America.

This new book leads new and experienced carvers through the creative, carving, and painting process.  Consequently, it offers a wealth of information you must have to reach your full carving potential.

In each chapter, a member of the Caricature Carvers of America creates a unique carving.  They begin from the same generic roughout and add their personal touch.  Included is a step-by-step chapter describing the carving process from beginning to end.  Finally ending with painting and antiquing the finished piece.  Furthermore, individualized chapters describe the artist’s approach to developing an idea, including tips on carving and painting through full-color photos and text.

Thinking Inside Caricature Roughouts

Additional carvings from the generic roughout are also featured in a gallery at the back of the book.

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The Caricature Carvers of America have their own website …you should certainly check it out!

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