120Grit HD Sanding Disc

120Grit HD Sanding Disc

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120Grit HD Sanding Disc 20 pcs

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120Grit HD Sanding Disc

These new Heavy Duty Sanding Discs from Arbortech can be used on the Mini Carver, Mini Turbo and the Contour Sander.  Because they are not sensitive to heat and they have exceptional life.  Furthermore, they have a cloth backing and are suitable for those difficult sanding jobs.  The discs are attached by means of a Flange and bolt to a flexible backing pad.  Therefore they will not fly off as speed increases.

These 120Grit HD Sanding Disc 2″ Sanding Discs are available in several grits:  40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400 and 600 grit.  Individual grits come in a packages of 20 pcs. They are also available in an Assorted Package:  3 each of 40 through 320 grits (total of 21 discs).

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This Arbortech Random Contour Sander converts the simple rotation of your angle grinder to a random orbital pattern.  The result is an exceptionally smoothly sanded surface.  Furthermore, its small 2” diameter ultra-flexible pad will reach into deep profiles and contours.   It has a 2-1/2” shaft that therefore lets the sanding head reach into deep hollows.   These areas would otherwise be impossible to reach.  The flexible sanding pad molds to the shape of your surface and as a result will not dig in at the edges.  The sanding discs attach quickly to the pad by use of a flange and screw which are also included.