Thermocut 12/E 12volt

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For free hand cutting in thick Styrofoam for diorama model railroad construction of any shape.  NO DISCOUNTS

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Thermocut 12/E 12volt

For free hand cutting in Styrofoam for architecture modeling, for designers, decorators, and model railroad construction.  In addition to classical model building.  Comes with 5 cutting wires.

Stable frame with pivotal fixtures at the top and bottom.  Maximum extension 7.9″ (200mm).  Maximum work piece height 5.9″ (150mm).

Variable cutting wire temperature control.  Therefore, with a little practice, you can achieve perfect cuts on the material density and thickness.   Generally you use the thermocut at medium temperatures and with moderate pressure. Heat up time is 1 second.  12volt Hand cutter comes with 5  cutting wires.

Thermocut 12/E 12volt Technical data: you
12 V. 60 W. 50/60 Hz. Variable cutting wire temperature ranges from approx. 300 – 660 °F (150 – 350 °C).

For operation use of an AC adapter of at least 2.0A is required. For instance, recommend MICROMOT AC adapters NG 2/S

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