Pfeil Swiss Made Fish Tail #9 Gouges

Pfeil Swiss Made Fish Tail #9 Gouges

CA $51.25CA $66.53

These are all the #9 Fishtail that Pfeil makes and we stock them all.

CA $51.25

Out of stock

CA $55.61

Out of stock

CA $66.53
CA $62.16

Pfeil Swiss Made Fish tail #9 Gouges

fishtailPfeil Swiss Made Fish tail #9 Gouges

Easily reach difficult areas because the cutting edge is broader than the shaft.  Fish Tail shanks are thin and light.  We stock ALL the #9 Fishtail gouges that Pfeil makes!

Full Size tools average 9.5″ to 10.5″ in length therefore providing two-handed control. A mallet can be used on these quality carving tools. All Swiss Made tools are forged from a steel alloy made specially for Pfeil because standard is not good enough for them. Pfeil tools come sharpened, polished, and honed razor sharp therefore making them ready-to-use straight from the package.

Pfeil tools are manufactured based on old craftsmanship tradition that spans three generations. It’s also based on state-of-the-art technologies and continual development. We are proud to offer Swiss Made tools.

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