Left Handed Hook Knife

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Left Handed Hook Knife

This knife is a standard Hook Knife meant for larger projects.  The larger radius of 2 1/4″ inches is ideal for carving large kitchen or bush-craft  spoons.  It will also work well when carving medium size bowls with a diameter larger than than 5″.

These oak handle knives are also made of the finest O1 tool steel.  The blades are shaped by hand prior to tempering to 60Hrc and come come sharpened and polished, ready-to-use for hours and hours before required stropping.  Handle are 5″ long shaped in relation to the blade size, sanded, and sealed.  Furthermore the back edge of the knife blade has been rounded to allow for ease of cutting through the wood.  Made in the Ozarks of USA.

Sharpening vs Stropping the Left Handed Hook Knife

Even a seasoned woodcarver will have a challenge sharpening “spoon carving knives”!   The must be painstakingly sharpened by hand without the use of a power sharpener.  HOWEVER …because they knives are made from quality tool steel and properly hardened they will require only minimum sharpening over the years.  Unless of course they have been damaged.   Stropping them on a regular basis will keep them in good shape and is much easier.  If you choose to use a power strop, be careful not to round the edge.

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