Flexcut Woodcarving Starter Set SK108

Flexcut Woodcarving Starter Set SK108

CA $243.05

SK108 Our most complete set. Includes a Quick Connect Handle, a Cutting Knife, Quick Connect Power Handle, Flexcut Slip Strop and Compound, 16 Carving Blades, Wood Storage Box and Free DVD version of Relief Carving in A Different Light.

CA $285.94 CA $243.05

Flexcut Woodcarving Starter Set SK108

Our Flexcut Woodcarving Starter Set SK108 has everything a new wood carver needs.

It includes 16 interchangeable blades, a cutting knife, a quick connect handle in addition to a power handle.  There’s also a Slip Strop, gold compound and an owner’s manual showing how to care for your tools. Plus you’ll find a free step-by-step DVD for a great first project.  This is our most complete carving set all in one box.  It has everything you need whether it be for mallet,  palm or knife carving. There is even a place to store an optional Universal Adapter for using these tools with your reciprocating power carver.

The 16 gouge profiles featured in this kit are not included in any other SK carving set. Our price to you creates a retail savings of over $115 if purchasing tools individually.

Profiles included: SK406 #1 x 5/8″, SK407 #2 x 9/16″, SK323 #3 x 1/4″, SK700 #3 x 7/8″, SK601 #5 x 1/8″, SK446 #6 x 1/2″, SK428 #8 x 1/4″, SK402 #8 x 3/8″, SK702 #8 x 11/16″, SK703 #9 x 9/16″, SK602 #11 x 1/16″, SK725 #11X x 3/16″, SK927 #11X x 1/2″, SK317 45 deg. x 5/32″, SK403 70 deg. x 3/8″, SK754 7/8″ Back Bent.