WoodCarving RG Gouges for Power Reciprocal Carvers

WoodCarving RG Gouges for Power Reciprocal Carvers

These RG Blades will fit both the AutoMach and Proxxon Power Reciprocating Power Tools as well as the Ryobi model which is not longer made in North America.

A wooden handle is also available for using the RG Series blades by hand.  Note that you will need the Flexcut Brass Shims #RG103 when using “some” of the RG Blades in the Automach.


WoodCarving RG Gouges for Power Reciprocal Carvers

We stock a variety of WoodCarving RG Gouges for Power Reciprocal Carvers in addition to the Power Carvers themselves.

We have replacement blades for the AutoMach Carver, Proxxon Carver and the old Ryobi (no longer available).  In addition to those machines, our replacement blades will also fit reciprocating handpiece made by Wecheer.

Each of these reciprocating carvers and handpieces will accept the RG Series blades straight from the package.

However, the SK Series blades will fit these tools IF you use the SK109 Adapter.   The SK Series has a much broader selection of blades shapes than the RG Series.  The reason the RG’s fit straight from the package is because they have the same shank width as the blades that come with the power tool.  The SK’s have a wider shank and hence you require the adapter.  This adapter has a narrow shank (see image) which broadens into a receptacle that accepts the wider SK shanks.

Our Power Reciprocating Carvers

Chipping Away has been selling the Auto Mach and Proxxon Carvers since the late 1990’s. Pop loves them and has a few stories how this tool has helped some customers continue carving after loosing strength due to age or challenges

The great advancement in reciprocating woodcarving technology!  Special reciprocating action of the cutter head carves with just simple hand direction. Greater pressure causes a deeper cut. For safety, free-floating action keeps blades motionless until pressed against wood. The blades move at 10,000 vibrations per minute, leaving a smooth cut surface.

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