Flexcut Whittlers Carving Kit

Flexcut Whittlers Carving Kit

CA $57.41

Whether you whittle professionally or just for fun, Flexcut’s whittling knives will give you better results. The razor sharp edge provides greater control over each cut and the ergonomic handle lets you carve longer without hand fatigue.

CA $67.54 CA $57.41

Flexcut Whittlers Carving Kit

This Flexcut Whittlers Carving Kit contains the 2 most popular whittling knives.  Most of all, they have been Discounted them to save you money!

These knives are made with the same edge-holding steel as Flexcut gouges and chisels.  Furthermore, their comfortable ergonomic handles mean less hand fatigue.  Each knife has an Ash handle in addition to a high carbon steel blade.  Maintain their edge by simple stropping.  Most noteworthy is our large collection of knives which therefore give carvers a wide range of capabilities.

Flexcut Whittlers Carving Kit Includes:

2 Regular handle knives, KN13-Detail Knife, KN27-Mini-Detail Knife.  Polishing Compound is also included with the set to help maintain your razor-sharp knives.

Both the Whittlers Kit and Slim-Handle Detail Knife Set, include two rebate coupons towards the purchase of the 21-piece SK108 Starter Set and the 5 or 11-piece Craft Carver Sets.

About Flexcut:

Flexcut was founded in 1986 primarily as a custom carving shop.  In 1992, Flexcut began to address the needs of the modern hobbyist and professional.    Carvers had changed since the industrial revolution, while the carving tool design had not.  Designed with an intimate knowledge of woodcarving itself,  Flexcut’s new innovation has grown in popularity.  Beginning with only 4 different tool profiles, Flexcut now produces over 300 products.