DockYard Micro Chisel 3mm

DockYard Micro Chisel 3mm

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DockYard Micro Chisel 3mm

DockYard Tools are hand made especially for wood carving and model building.  Each tool has been individually tested to ensure sharpness and proper cutting profile.

Here are some Tips for using these DockYard tools:
We recommend you make multiple shallow cuts rather than one deep cut.  Make sure the tool does not become buried in the wood as the cutting edge may bend or break.  Avoid “monster force” as the force you can exert on such small tool tips is enormous.  Do not pry or twist the tool in the wood as they are designed for cutting only. Use DockYard tools on wood only.  Keep your DockYard tools sharp by using our Micro Tool Slip Strop.

DockYard Micro Chisel 3mm

Our DockYard Micro Wood Carving V tools are available in three different widths.  You can also view the profiles in the image on this webpage.  Furthermore, if you would like to understand the various ‘sweeps’ of carving gouges, chisels, etc please see our page on “Understanding Woodcarving Tools”.

We offer DockYard Wood Carving Micro Chisel 3mm individually in 3 different width sizes :   1.5mm, 2mm, and 3mm

Netsuke is a form of Micro carving …read more about it.


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