Pfeil Swiss Made Adz

Pfeil Swiss Made Adz

CA $164.65

The Pfeil Swiss Made Adz is perfect for large carvings or timber framing projects. Adz forged from quality tool steel, hardened and sharpened.  BUT does require final honing before use.

Weights 1100 grams (approximately 2 1/2lbs) and measures 460mm long (18″) and the blade width is 70mm (2 1/2″)

CA $178.00 CA $164.65

Pfeil makes some of the finest carving tools on the market, second-to-none in terms of manufacturing quality and durability. The Pfeil Swiss Made Adz is perfect for large carvings or timber framing projects. They feature the same attention to detail and high quality as the world famous Swiss Made carving tools. Premium tool steel is hardened to 56-58 Rc to create a durable, resilient cutting edge. All tools feature “through eye” forging and come handled with unfinished solid ash handles. Curved head blade is about 2-1/2″ across, with a curve that approximates a #9 sweep carving tool profile. Overall tool length is 18″.  Comes sharpened BUT does require final honing before use.

Using A Pfeil Swiss Made Adz

Using a Pfeil Swiss Made Adz is relatively easy, but mastering the use of an adze takes a lot of practice.  The first part of the swing comes from the wrist.  This part of the swing brings the edge of the tool into contact with the wood.

The second part of the swing is a pulling motion that comes from the elbow.  Pulling the blade of the tool along the surface of the wood causes the shaving action to happen.  Remember – you’re trying to shave the surface of the wood rather than dig a hole in it. If you swing the adze with the sharp edge pointing downwards, it will get stuck in your piece of wood.

Swiss Made – a matter of principle!

The manufacture of Pfeil tools is based on old craftsmanship tradition that spans three generations since 1902.  It’s also based on state-of-the-art technologies and continual development.  Pfeil draws on the experience of authoritative specialists:  the Brienz Woodcarving School as well as  professional woodcarvers around the world.  Pop has had numerous Swiss Made tools in his workshop for years and years.  He says:  “they will last you a lifetime with proper care!”


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