Doug Outside Woodcarving Adventures

Doug Outside Woodcarving Adventures
May 18, 2018 Dennis Moor
Doug Outside Woodcarving Adventures

Doug Outside Woodcarving Adventures

Doug Outside Woodcarving Adventures. Enjoy Doug’s free videos on his Youtube Channel (just search ‘Doug Outside’).  No one has ever accused Doug of being too formal that’s for sure …but with more than 34,000 followers and 1 1/2 Million views, he is obviously doing something that appeal to carvers.

Doug is a regular visitor to our store in Kitchener, Ontario and always has a few stories to tell.  He is the typical ‘guy down the street’ that has turned his passion for the outdoors into a successful YouTube channel.  He teaches bushcraft skills as well as whittling in a fun-loving way that thousands enjoy.

Here are some comments about Doug’s You Tube videos:

1)  Doug is a great carver and takes the time to explain what is going on. Love his outdoor stuff too,camping and paddling puts on great videos!
2)  And he does his carvings with one knife. I’m always thinking this gouge or this V tool would make this easier. And yet Doug creates amazing carvings with just the knife.
3)  I just bought myself my firsr carving knife so I’m looking forward to it as a beginner Carver, only issue is I dont have wood, we have plenty of oak in the yard, but oak is a hard wood and the knife wasnt very sharp, so I might wait to get some bass or balsa wood

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Comments (6)

  1. David 2 years ago

    Thanks to Doug Outside and his wonderful videos
    I found a new hobby and Chipping Away,
    A great craft to teach yourselfe, and a great place to purchase carving tools.

    Thanks , David in B.C.

    • Author
      Dennis Moor 2 years ago

      Hi David: Doug Outside on Facebook is truly a gift to the carving world – especially for beginners! He devotes his time and effort to helping others …and he has a lot of fun doing it! Doug is basically self taught and has learned through trial and error. This has given him the ability to teach others in a meaningful way that only personal experience can provide. We are really happy he has chosen us as his “go to place” for carving supplies. Thank you David for taking the time to write and we wish you great fun in your new hobby!

  2. pocketing 2 years ago

    My Ьrotһer recommended I might like this blog. Ꮋe was
    totally right. This рost truly made my day.
    You can not imagine just hоw much time I hɑd spent for this info!

  3. Lola Aponte 2 years ago

    After huracaine maria down here in Puerto Rico lots of trees were lost. As soon as we got electricity back i began to watch doug outside. By chance. It sort of soothes me as we are still going through all that was lost.

    • Cindy 2 years ago

      Hey Lola: Yes, Doug Outside has a great presence and has helped a lot of people get started in wood carving. Have fun with your new hobby.

  4. C. Parker 10 months ago

    Doug: I really like your tutorials . I had to give up chipcarving because my right hand shook, so took up whittling and you make it so easy to learn.
    I told the group at our carving club in Peterborough and they are all following your lessons. Keep up the good work.

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