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 Woodcarving and Whittling Tools for the Beginner and Professional!

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 We offer only quality hand and power wood carving tools and supplies. 
Woodcarving is not just our specialty, it is our passion! 

 These are some of our 'Newest' and 'Most Popular' items
Beginner Woodcarving Kits 
Beginner Carving Kit

Beginner Carving
Tool Sets

      Mary May
       Tools Sets
Mary May Set

Swiss Made Pfeil
Two Cherries Tools

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Swiss Made
Palm Tolls

Swiss Made Palm Tools

Micro Hand Carving Tools
Flexcut Micro Tools

Flexcut Folding
Carving Knives

Merlin 2
Miniature Carver

 Merlin 2


Foredom 5240

Foredom 5240

Ultimate Power Sharpener
Ultimate Sharpener

Ultimate Honer
Ultimate Honer

Adhesives and Fillers and Sealants
Apoxie Clay and Apoxie Sculpt
Arbortech Woodcarving Tools
Allsaw Brick and Mortar Saw
Contour Sander
Industrial Pro Carver
Power Chisel
Bark Carving
Cottonwood Bark
Basswood and Butternut
Beginner Carving Kits and Cut-Outs
Beginner Bird Carving Kits
Beginner Chip Carving Kit
Beginner Wood Carving Kit
Whittling Kits with Scale Models
Beginner Carving Tools
Basic and Detail Carving Tools
Carving and Hobby Sets
Carving Knives
Bird Carving Supplies
Beginner Bird Carving Kits
Bird Eye Chart
Brass Rods - Tubing - Foil
Concave Convex Glass Bird Eyes
Flat Back Glass Bird Eyes
Pewter Feet - Birds of Prey
Pewter Feet - Ducks
Pewter Feet - Game Birds
Pewter Feet - Shore - Water Birds
Pewter Feet - Song Birds
Pewter Toes - Song Birds
Study Bills - Cast Pewter
Suction Pick-Up Tool
Carbide Abrasive Discs
Carbide Nugget Discs
Holey Galahad Carbide Discs
Carbide Burs
Carbide Cutters
Dura Grit 1-8 inch Shaft
Foredom Typhoon Burs 1-4 inch Shaft
Foredom Typhoon Burs 1-8 inch Shaft
Foredom Typhoon Burs 3-32 inch Shaft
Kutzall Burs 1-8 inch Shaft
Carving Knives
Chip Carving Knives
Custom Carving Knives
Flexcut Woodcarving Knives
Helvie Carving Knives
Multi Blade Carving Knives
Carving Patterns
Birds of Prey Patterns
Dog and Cat Patterns
Duck Patterns
Fish Patterns
Game Bird Patterns
Geese Patterns
Horse Patterns
Miscellaneous Patterns
North American Animal Patterns
Sea Animal Patterns
Sea Bird Patterns
Shore Bird Patterns
Song Bird Patterns
Worksheets and Tips
Zoo Animal Patterns
CD Bird and Animal Patterns
Chainsaw Carving
Cannon Dime Tip Bars
Cannon Quarter Tip Bars
Cannon Super Mini Bars
Cannon Toonie Tip Bars
Chip Carving
Beginner Chip Carving Kit
Ceramic Sharpening Stones
Chip Carving Books
Chip Carving Knives
Drawing Tools
DVD Video Series
Practice Boards
Stamp and Chip Kit
Clearout Specials
Carving Arm Screws
Cotton Buffing Wheel
Work Sharp Accessories
Cypress Knees
Cypress Knees
Denny - OCCT Carving Tools
Denny OCCT Carving Tools
Drake Carving Tools
Drake Handcrafted Tools
Dura Grit Carbide Abrasive Tools
Small Carbide Rotary Tools
Dust Control System
Razaire Dust Control System
DVDs And CDs
Bark Carving
Beginner Wood Carving
CD Bird and Animal Patterns
Chip Carving Videos
Chris Pye DVDs
Human Forms
Relief Carving
Sharpening Carving Tools
Spoon Carving
Woodburning DVDs
Eye Punches
Round and Oval Eye Punches
Files and Rifflers
Riffler Files
Fish Carving Supplies
Glass Fish Eyes Flat Back
Glass Fish Eyes Natural Oval
Flexcut Woodcarving Tools
Carving Scraper Set
Draw Knives
Flexcut Carving Knives
Flexcut Folding Carving Knives
Flexcut Slip Strop and Compound
Micro Carving Tools
Palm Size Individual Tools
Palm Size Sets
Power Handle Sets
RG Series Carving Gouges
SK Series Carving Gouges
Foot Pedals
Foot Pedals
Foredom Power Tools
Foredom Aluminum Oxide Stones
Foredom CeramCut Blue Stones
Foredom Diamond Points and Burrs
Foredom Handpieces
Foredom Mandrels and Collet Adapters
Foredom Micro Motor - High Speed
Foredom Reciprocating Power Chisels
Foredom SR Woodcarving Kit
Foredom TX Woodcarving Kit
Foredom TXH Heavy Duty Woodcarving Kit
Foredom Work Bench System
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
King Arthur Power Tools
4in Flap Disc Sanders
Frequently Asked Questions
Holey Galahad Carbide Discs
Lancelot and Squire Chainsaw Blades
Merlin - Miniature Carver
Save on Complete Kit
Tandem Combinations
Clip-on and Flip-up
Quasar Light for OptiVisor
Plain or Quiet Head
Micro Carving Hand Tools
Micro Hand Carving Tools
Micro Motor Power Carving
Carrying Bag
Foredom Micro Motor-HighSpeed
Maxima Micro System
Micro Motor Commander
Proxxon Micro Detail System
Rechargeable Mobile One
Wecheer Micro Engravers
Wecheer Micro Motor Detailer
Miscellaneous Carving Aids
Carvers Awl
Paint Gesso Finish
Jo Sonja Acrylic Paints
Jo Sonja Beginners Kit
Jo Sonja Chroma Air Brush Paints
Jo Sonja Color Chart
Jo Sonja Mediums and Gesso
Whittling Pencils
Power Carving Tools
Arbortech Power Carving Tools
Auto Mach System
Foredom System
Merlin - Miniature Carver
Micro Motor Commander
Proxxon System
Turbo Carver System
Wecheer System
Ramelson Woodcarving Tools
Ramelson Carving Tools
Rasps For Wood And Stone
Rasps for Wood and Stone
Rotary Tool Accessories
Bur Holders
Ceramic Texturing Sticks
Diamond Points Burrs and Bits
Miscellaneous Accessories
Ruby Carvers
Scotch-Brite Bristle Discs
Stump Burrs
Carving Tool Safety
Safety Gloves Thumb and Finger
Sanding Products - Manual and Power
Arbortech Contour Sander
Belt Sanders - Power and Hand
Carbide Sanding Sheets
Kirjes - Guinevere Inflatable Sanding System
Proxxon Power Pen Sander
Sand Paper
Sanding Drums and Cones
Sculpting and Modeling Clay
Apoxie Clay and Apoxie Sculpt
Sharpening Tools
Arkansas and Bench Oil Stones
Ceramic and Diamond Sharpening Stones
Felt and Cotton Buffing Wheels
Leather Strops and Compounds
Slip Gouge and File Stones
Ultimate Power Honer
Ultimate Power Sharpener
Study Casts
Wood Spirit Study Cast
Swiss Made - Pfeil Tools
Pfeil Swiss Made Carving Knives
Swiss Made Pfeil Full Size Carving Sets
Swiss Made Pfeil Tools Adz
Swiss Made Pfeil Tools Full Size - Straight
Swiss Made Pfeil Tools Full Size Fish Tail
Swiss Made Pfeil Tools Full Size Long Bent
Swiss Made Pfeil Tools Full Size Specialty
Swiss Made Pfeil Tools Full Size Spoon Bent
Swiss Made Pfeil Tools Mid Size
Swiss Made Pfeil Tools Palm Size
Tool Rolls and Aprons
Carrying Bag
Carver's Apron
Denim and Canvas Tool Rolls
Flexcut Tool Rolls
Turbo Carver
Turbo Carver Burs in Sets
Turbo Carver Burs Individually
Turbo Carver System
Two Cherries Carving Tools
Two Cherries - Mid Size Curved
Two Cherries - Mid Size Spoon
Two Cherries - Mid Size Straight
Two Cherries - Palm Curved-Spoon
Two Cherries - Palm Size Straight
Two Cherries - Pro Size Curved
Two Cherries - Pro Size Fish Tail
Two Cherries - Pro Size Spoon Bent
Two Cherries - Pro Size Straight
Vises and Work Holders
Carving Arm Screws
Chipping Away Work Holder
PanaVise For Woodcarvers
Warren Carving Tools
Basic Whittling Knife Kit
Beginner Combination Kit
Fixed Handle Gouges and Chisels
Handles, Replacement Blades, Gouges
Wecheer Power Tools
Wecheer Hand Held Styles
Wecheer Heavy Duty Motor Styles
Wecheer Micro Engraver
Wecheer Micro Motor Detailer
Wood Burning
Beginner Woodburners and Kits
Burner Carrying Bag
Burnmaster Woodburners
Colwood Woodburners
Colwood Woodburning Pens
Custom Branding Iron
Optima Woodburning Pens
Razertip Accessories Cords and Adapters
Razertip Feather Former Pens
Razertip Pens and Tips
Razertip Wood Burners
Special Use Razertip Pens
Wood Burning Books
Woodburning DVDs
Woodburning Projects By Carole Peters
Wood Carving Books
Bark Carving
Birds - Song and Game
Birds - Waterfowl and Shore
Birds of Prey
Canes and Walking Sticks
Chainsaw Carving
Chip Carving
Fish, Whales and Dolphins
Folk Traditional and Seasonal
General Instruction
Soap Carving for Children
Wood Burning Books
Wood Spirits and Wizards
Wood Products
Basswood Eggs
Basswood Plates
Coaster Sets
Practice/Building Boards