Canvas Pouch Woodcarvers Apron

Canvas Pouch Woodcarvers Apron

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Canvas Pouch Woodcarvers Apron is made with extra heavy canvas and can be worn with or without the pouch in place.  Good Protection and aids in cleanup!

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Canvas Pouch Woodcarvers Apron

Made with extra-heavy canvas material like our power carvers apron, this apron will last you until you’re all whittled out.  The pouch is formed by a plastic tube which keeps the folded canvas away from your body.  This well-made canvas apron not only offers protection when your carving but also gathers all your wood chips in its large front pouch.  The folded piece is held in place by Velcro strips which can easily be pulled apart to empty the chips.  Or leave the pouch hanging to form a full length apron as shown in the photo below.

Fold-up Bottom

Fold up the bottom (has Velcro fastener) to use a large pocket to catch your chips … wood chips that is!  Use full length when you need more protection!

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