Basswood Plates

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Our Basswood Plates are made from clear basswood without blemishes, knots or heavily noticeable grain.

CA $33.00
CA $26.00
CA $26.00

Basswood Plates are commonly used by both woodcarvers and pyrographers- pyrographers meaning those who woodburn.  Our plates are made from clear basswood without blemishes, knots or heavily noticeable grain.  They are, therefore, perfect for woodburners who demand the best quality.  We have three styles of plates all with a diameter of 12″.  The plain Scoop plates have a slightly raised rim and ‘scooped’ out center.  Our Plain Rim plates have a smooth rim of 2″ width and a 10″ wide concave center.  The Scallop Edge plates have a 2″ rim and 10″ concave center.

Our Basswood Plates

All of our plates are laminated and made up of 2 or 3 boards glued with opposing grain direction.  Because of this added feature, they will keep their shape and will not warp.  All are just under 1″ in thickness.   They have been sanded to a very smooth finish and are ready-to-use without further preparation.

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