Arkansas Slip Pocket Stones

CA $23.50CA $57.78

CA $57.78
CA $23.50

Arkansas Slip Pocket Stones

Hard Arkansas:  Arkansas Slip Pocket Stones are most suitable for fine polishing and maintenance of a fine edge needed by woodcarvers and woodworkers. The rounded edges and tapered side are ideal for polishing the inner channels of your gouges.  Arkansas Slip Stones are widely used for sharpening gouges and carving tools.    In addition, they can be used on nearly any curved cutting edge of either simple or compound shape.  Akransas are harder than water slip stones, therefore, they will wear evenly and seldom require lapping.  Furthermore, this Hard stone will cut quickly and prepare the tool for lather stropping to a mirror finish. Pop believes this stone is about 1000 grit.  It measures 4 ” x 2″ and tapers from 1/2″ down to 1/16″.

Soft Arkansas:  Our Pocket Stone is the most popular of the four grades of Novaculite.  Because they are an all-purpose stone they are used by wood carvers and woodworkers and sportsmen who desire keen, polished edges on knives and tools.  As a result, they accomplish an edge in a minimum amount of time. This pocket stone measures 5″ x 1-5/8″ x 1/2″

Each stone comes with a protective leather pouch.

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