FINE Stump Cutters Burs

CA $15.87

Shown from Left to Right:
#212F #213F #214F #215F #217F
All Fine Stump Burrs are 5/16″ in diameter.

Excellent Quality Cutters made in USA under strict quality control.
3/32″ Shanks with total length of 2″

CA $15.87
CA $15.87

FINE Stump Cutters Burs

Stump cutters are made from solid Tungsten carbide brazed to a heat treated steel shank.

Popular with Woodcarvers

The cutter surface has a cross-cut pattern of serrated knife edge cutters. These cutters are more aggressive than most other cutters and can remove a great deal of wood
with little hand pressure, yet leave a smooth surface. Stump Burrs are popular with carvers because they cut fast and leave a smooth finish.
The cross cuts in the flutes reduce clogging and produce smoother finishes. Rated for use at speeds up to 60,000 RPM in flex shaft and micro motor power tools, 3/32″ shank.

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