Kutzall Assorted Burr Kits 1/4″ Variety

Kutzall Assorted Burr Kits 1/4″ Variety

CA $99.95

This kit includes a silver long taper, gold Sphere, Extreme flame and a silver ballnose, all with 1/4″ shank.

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Kutzall Assorted Burr Kit

The new Kutzall Assorted Burr Kits are packed with versatility and designed to get you started on any job, big or small. Chipping Away is carrying 5 proven assorted combinations, they are perfect for woodcarvers interested in trying their hand at power carving, as well as experts looking to expand their tool bit collection.

As we know from experience, Kutzall performs well in all woods, and soft stone, foam, rubber and fiberglass projects.

Kutzall Carbide Burs are excellent! Similar to the Foredom Typhoon burs (Typhoons are actually made by Sabur Tooth) BUT Kutzall gives a finer finish than even the Foredom Fine grits. The Kutzall SILVER is less agressive than the Typhoon fine/blue burs and the Kutzall GOLD is even more fine.  Pop says the Kutzall’s make an excellent transition from the Typhoon burs to the stoning stage.  So when you need a fairly smooth finish but still want to use a carbide bur to get to that finish quickly, then Kutzall is the answer. Note the BLACK Extreme is the most powerful burr we have seen. It will eat through waste wood like nothing you have seen before. All Made in the USA.

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