Razertip Wood Burner SK

Razertip Wood Burner SK

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Don’t let the small size of this burner fool you.  It’s packed with power and certified circuitry.  Great Value and 3 year warranty.  Comes with the Standard Cord #1FL and the F1L Standard Large Skew Pen

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CA $162.00
CA $175.00
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Razertip Wood Burner SK

Razertip® pyrography tools have been setting the standard for hot-wire pyrography woodburners since the mid 1980’s. They feature near instant heat response and ultra-sharp tips (120+ lines per inch). Choose among three different handpiece types: standard pens are the smallest and coolest; heavy duty pens are cool and tough; and the BPH interchangeable-tip pen allows you to change tips or even make your own tips. With hundreds of stock tip shapes, most of which are unique to Razertip®, we can meet your pyrographic needs whatever they may be. We take your safety seriously, too. Our CSA C/US safety certification covers both Canada and the USA.

Razertip Wood Burner SK

Don’t let the SK’s small size fool you. Packed with the same power and certified circuitry as the SS-D10, the SK is great as a starter unit or as a second burner for the serious artist. So what’s the difference from the SS-D10? The SK will accept only one handpiece at a time, making it necessary to unplug and plug in handpieces when changing over, and it’s lacking the extra-low-end temperature adjustment. Other than that, it’s essentially the same unit as the SS-D10.

Our SK Model comes with the Standard Cord #1FL and the F1L Standard Large Skew Pen

See details of our Special Tip Package below.

Save on our Tip Package which includes:
Heavy Duty BPH Interchangeable Pen,  Heavy Duty Cord and our 10 most popular HD Interchangeable Tips:
(1M-Medium Skew, 1S-Small Skew, 2M-Medium Round, 2MC-Medium Round Shader, 5m_Medium Spear,
5MP-Medium Spear Shader, 14M-Medium Knife, 30M-Medium Spoon, and 99.015/99.023-1.5mm and 2.3mm Ball Stylus’

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