Pyro Studio Silicon Work Mat

Pyro Studio Silicon Work Mat


Pyro Studio Silicon “No Slip” Work Mat


Take the extra precaution to protect your work surfaces with this Highly resistant woodburning Work Mat branded by Pyro Studio.

Made from a durable silicone material, these mats are designed to protect your workspace from scratches or burns and provides a strong grip on any surface, this prevents sliding and shifting of you work.

The use is not limited to woodburning as you can use this mat as an extra layer of surface protection on desks and fine wood table surfaces. Preventing nicks and scratches from the sharp edges of your woodcarving tools (Knives and chisels).

Measuring 12″ x 18″ (30 x 45 cm) and 1/8″ inch (3mm) thick with a heat resistance rating of 570F/300C, you can craft in confidence knowing your workspace is safe from your hot woodburning pens and sharp tools.

These work mats are also extremely flexible and can be easily rolled up for storage or to be taken to club meetings on the go. We could also see the benefit of this product as a travel mat for the pyrography enthusiast.

Pick from one of three colors which includes Ocean, Gray, and Coral!


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