Learn to Paint Your Carvings ~ No Carving in this Class

Learn to Paint Your Carvings ~ No Carving in this Class

CA $95.00

Painting your carvings will add varying layers in depth of color and light bringing them life. Don’t forget your note pad, it will be alot to remember.


Learn to Paint Your Wood Carvings! ~ NEW

Do you struggle with painting your wood carvings?  Cindy Can Help!

In this class you will learn how to prepare for paint, apply color in washes, dry brushing, and antiquing applications. We will deepen shadows, pop highlights and finish with sealants and waxes too.

You bring One or Two of your finished carvings and we will paint as a class. Individual One on One advice will be given, we will answer lots of questions as a group and walk through the process together. Some color theory will be covered and tonal value will also be discussed.  The ideal carvings to paint would be caricature, animals, folk art, whittled and relief carvings.

A long time artist and the current owner of Chipping Away. Cindy studied fine art at the college level, first taught bark carving classes back in 2006. Over the years she has continued to carve and paint,  she has built a successful photography business and now operates Chipping Away full time. Her passion for all things carved and her love of supporting other artists keeps her motivated with fresh and new project ideas.  One of Cindy’s favorite things is sharing knowledge and seeing people get excited about wood carving.

This one day class will get you more confident when applying paint and expand your creative adventure by adding color. Trust me the outcome will surprise you.

Bring with you your carvings, a few small brushes meant for watercolor and acrylic paints and a mixing paint pallet with small wells for holding liquid. No need to break the bank on these supplies.

Chipping Away will supply the paints and finishes.

This Class will be held Saturday April 20th, 2024 from 10am-3pm

Registration deadline will be April 16th as material preparations are required.

Max. number of students is 10, space is limited.

When processing registration payment, we will deduct the shipping fee from the online order for this class.


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