Riffler Rasp Medium-Coarse 8pc Set

Riffler Rasp Medium-Coarse 8pc Set

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Riffler Rasps are used to carve, sculpture and shape … they work great on both wood and soapstone. They can work from above, below, around and inside ~ virtually any part of the work piece. 7-1/2″ in length. Assorted shapes as noted below.

SKU: WI-D2862

Riffler Rasp Medium-Coarse 8pc Set

Our Carving Riffler Rasp Medium-Coarse 8pc Set is perfect for quickly carving and shaping difficult to reach areas.  Ours feature sharp, hand set teeth, forged from properly hardened tool steel.  Tough enough to carve stone!  Our set cover most all carving needs.  These Medium-Coarse coarse grit sets are grat for rapid shaping.  They will leave light scratches that may be easily removed by fine rifflers.  Sets include favorite carving shapes on double-ended rifflers.   7-1/2″ in length. Assorted shapes.

Riffler Rasp Medium-Coarse 8pc Set

Files, rasps and rifflers allow you to shape and smooth wood with much greater control than normal edge cutting tools.  Rasps have individually raised teeth, while files have straight chiseled edges.  Files also cut more slowly than rasps but give a finer finish.  Rifflers are double ended, and either file or rasp cut.

Although graded for coarseness of cut, files and rasps of a specific grade will vary depending on their size and even on the manufacturer.  The size and number of teeth on a rasp can vary from a very coarse cut (for rough shaping of wood) to extremely fine (for working curved surfaces in sculpting, carving and furniture detailing).

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