Merlin2 Quick Change HTC Backing Pad

Merlin2 Quick Change HTC Backing Pad

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Merlin2 Hook Loop 400Grit Sanding Discs in the 2.2″ diameter. This package containes 10 discs.   Note that we stock and promote the 2.2″ sanding discs.  These 2.2″ discs will overlap the H&L sanding pads giving a flawless finish.  These sanding discs are real special! No other company offers oversize sanding discs like these Hook & Loop Sanding Discs.   Read More below!

SKU: KA-10091

Merlin2 Quick Change HTC Backing Pad

Merlin2 Quick Change HTC Backing Pad.  King Arthur’s Tools developed the Hexagonal Threaded Connector (HTC) to fit Quick Change (QC) accessories to the Merlin2.  Most of all, the introduction of the HTC opened the door to the addition of many more QC accessories.  Consequently this greatly expanded the Merlin 2’s versatility.  The HTC has very quickly allowed the grinder to become a crossover tool for into several applications.  Manufactured from heavy duty rubber and stainless steel, this 2″  HTC backing pad threads into the central gear head of Merlin2.  Furthermore, it has a half turn on, half turn off holder that secures a myriad of small useful tools.

We added several select quick change items to enhance the grinder’s capability and expand the user’s creativity, production and experience. The HTC backing pad now securely attaches 3M Roloc™ bristle discs, QC aluminum oxide sanding discs, polishing, surface conditioning.

Merlin2 Quick Change HTC Backing Pad

The Hexagonal Threaded Connector (HTC) Backing Pad Assembly includes backing pad, wrench, nut and washer.  It’s a must-have accessory to expand your Merlin2’s capabilities with exciting new products while at relatively low cost.

One of our more pleasant surprises has been the huge acceptance of the green and yellow bristle discs by woodturners and carvers worldwide. During R&D we discovered its many uses in wood when previously it had only been a metal working accessory. The bristle discs have proven to be phenomenal in uneven, knobbly wood applications. Without the HTC on Merlin2®, this stirring development would not have been possible.


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