Merlin2 Hook Loop Backing Pad MEDIUM

Merlin2 Hook Loop Backing Pad MEDIUM

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SKU: KA-10064

Merlin2 Hook Loop Backing Pad MEDIUM

Merlin2 Hook Loop Backing Pad MEDIUM

Merlin Hook Loop Backing Pad MEDIUM (10064)  is a 2” (50mm) diameter premium interface pad with genuine hook and loop material on the face. The medium density foam stays firm and allows you to apply added pressure to the pad for sanding applications. It increases abrasive cuts and enables more consistent contact of abrasive sanding discs on even surfaces.  Plus the pad allows closer sanding to edges for smoother, more refined finishes. The backing pad fits 2” to 2.2” (50-56mm) sandpaper discs that directly connects to the Merlin2.

We recommend using with Variable Speed

Though it can be used on the single, fixed speed (13,000rpm) Merlin2, we recommend it is best used on the variable speed model.  Therefore allowing greater control with its speed dial.  This allows you to dial the speed up or down depending on your application. The 2.2” (56mm) discs fold and curl over the backing pad edge to prevent damage and remove scratches from perpendicular side edges. The Soft pad conforms to the shape of the wood or workpiece depending on the pressure you apply. Using both medium and soft pads help build shapes easier, whether convex or concave (inward, outward and contoured shapes).

Useful tips for securing the sanding discs.

Generally, the sanding discs are effortlessly applied for quick change out of discs. With the 2” (50mm) discs, you simply peel the old disc off, center the new one and apply slight pressure to secure it. With oversize discs, a useful tip is to 1) place the selected disc face down on a flat surface 2) using both hands for this part, get hold of the body of Merlin2® and eyeball the backing pad to center over the sanding disc 3) press the backing pad onto the disc and 4) you should successfully have secured the disc so that about 1/8” (3mm) protrudes beyond the edge of the backing pad. This saves the somewhat frustrating experience of freehandedly securing and centering the disc onto the backing pad while holding the grinder in your hand. You could be attempting this several times before getting it right.



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