Ultimate Power Sharpener

Ultimate Power Sharpener

CA $180.00CA $339.00

Fantastic for all your palm size tools ~ even those pesky V-tools. The belts run safely in a clockwise direction away from you.

Excellent for your standard size chisels and gouges! Its easy to rest the tool handle on your bench to assure the correct bevel is kept when grinding.

Great for knives! The belts run in front of a backing plate which means you get a true flat surface on your knives and chisels without rounding the edge over.

You will love this machine!  Note shipping cost for Mainland US and Canada:

 Your shipping cost will be adjusted before processing – the cost to ship this machine is $30


CA $180.00
CA $339.00

Ultimate Power Sharpener by Chipping Away

Shipping Cost of $30 will be applied to your order!

We have sold hundreds of these machines across North America over the last 10 years.  Like Pop says:  “We have tested and used many different sharpening machines – some very expensive ones, some home made models, but none can do a better job that our Ultimate Power Sharpener regardless of the price.  And we are sure you will agree that our price is very reasonable.”

Let’s face it, most of us find sharpening boring!  Consequently we don’t spend enough time on the task before quitting and going back to our carving.  Then we discover our tools just are not as sharp as when they were new.  With our Ultimate Sharpener, you will keep your tools just like new in no time at all.  Our machines are well made, safe and easy to use, and will last you a lifetime when properly cared for.

While we include a selection of grinding belts with our sharpener we suggest you will use them on a very limited basis.  It is our heavy duty leather belt that will keep your tools stropped and just like new!  We make the leather belts ourselves from quality grade cowhide.   They are the thickest on the market and will last you years with proper care.  We suggest you apply a softer ‘red compound’ to the belt first and then add either green or gold directly on top of the red.  The red has more grease in the matrix and will adhere to the leather better …giving the green or gold a good base on which to stick more evenly.

   Your shipping cost will be adjusted before processing – the cost to ship this machine is $30