Foredom Micro Motor Kit 1020

Foredom Micro Motor Kit 1020

CA $409.50CA $737.21

High Torque K.1020 Micro Grinder has the power of a flex shaft plus the extra freedom of movement you get with a micromotor.

Handpiece features 3-jaw geared chuck that accepts shanks from 0″ to 5/32″.


CA $409.50
CA $737.21

Foredom Micro Motor Kit 1020

Our Kit K.1020 has extra torque and is great for moderate to heavy grinding and rapid stock removal in metal and wood. Excellent for various industrial and woodworking applications.

20,000 RPM Max Speed
High torque (9.24 oz.-in.), 60/50 Hz, 4.82 Amps DC
Dial Control and Foot Control for variable speed
Forward or Reverse rotation
Built in overload protection
CE compliant
Two Year Limited Warranty

Foredom Micro Motor Kit 1020 Includes:

Control Unit, Handpiece, Variable Speed Foot Control, Handpiece Cradle, Chuck key with handle, and extra set of motor brushes.

HP4-917 Control Unit has switches for On/Off Power, Forward/Reverse Rotation, and Manual/Foot Speed Control selection. Overload Protection turns on a red light and sounds a beeping alarm. The Control Box Back has a voltage selector switch that lets you choose from 110/120 or 220/240 volt.  Receptacles for the Variable Speed Foot Control or Optional On/Off Foot Switch.  This is the same control unit that comes in our Micromotor Kit K.1070.

M.MH-120 Micro Grinder Handpiece has a geared 3-jaw #0 chuck that takes any size shank up to 5/32² (4mm) diameter.

BONUS:  If you already have a Foredom K.1070 Micromotor Kit the H.MH-120 Micro Grinder Handpiece will work in the same Control Box and Foot Control in those kits.
Handpiece Specs: Length= 8-3/32″ / 205.8mm, Weight= 1-lb. 2-0z. / 510 grams, Diameter= 1-1/64″ / 26mm at chuck end.

HP4-927 Optional On/Off Foot Switch- This control is available separately and does not come in the kit. It plugs into the back of the control box and allows you to turn the motor on and off without changing the speed set by the dial.

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