AutoMach Reciprocating Wood Carver

AutoMach Reciprocating Wood Carver

CA $19.95CA $375.00

Our Japanese Model #HTC-30A is the top of the line of hand-held power Reciprocating carving tools. It delivers up to 10,000 impacts per minute. It is capable of heavy cuts, as well as the most delicate cuts.

The following five quality cutters come with the power carver:  1/4″ Straight Chisel;  1/2″ #5 Gouge;  1/4″ #5 Gouge;  3/8″ 90deg V-tool;  1/4″ #5 Bent Gouge


CA $19.95
CA $375.00

AutoMach Reciprocating Wood Carver

The great advancement in reciprocating woodcarving technology!  This power Reciprocating Carver is rugged and reliable.  Aluminum die-cast body is light and vibration free. Special reciprocating action of the cutter head carves through the toughest woods with just simple hand direction. Greater pressure causes a deeper cut.  For safety, free-floating action keeps blades motionless until pressed against wood. The laminated blades move at 10,000 vibrations per minute, leaving a smooth cut surface.

All the fun and with complete control!  Reciprocating power carving has all the fun of hand carving without the work!  Just guide the Auto Mach through the wood and carving seems effortless.

Pop highly recommends this well built power carver from Japan.  It is of superior quality and can be used for extended periods of time with little maintenance.  Professionals and beginners alike will enjoy the control and power this little tool offers.  While the Auto Mach comes with the 5 cutters listed above, you may also want to add more variety later.

Available Blades for your Auto Mach:

While the Auto Mach comes with the 5 cutters listed below, you may also want to add more variety later:  Pop recommends either the Flexcut RG Series, Flexcut SK Series (with the SK109 adapter) or the Foredom KC Series.  If you choose the RG Series (variety of approximately 17 tools), they will fit directly into the Auto Mach but some require a small Brass Shim (which of course is also available from us).  The RG and KC series tools are changed using the wrench that comes with the Auto Mach.  The SK series however allows for simply ‘push/pull’ action to change them.

Chipping Away has been selling these quality carvers since the late 1990’s.  Pop loves them and has a few stories how this tool has helped some customers continue carving after loosing strength due to age or physical challenges.

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