Woodcarver Journeyman Brass Mallets

Woodcarver Journeyman Brass Mallets

CA $19.95CA $21.95

CA $19.95
CA $21.95

Woodcarver Journeyman Brass Mallets

These beautifully crafted Woodcarver Journeyman Brass Mallets are excellent when you require the utmost control of your carving tools. Hold them by the handle or the palm of your hand.  Available in either 8 oz or 12 0z styles.

These Mini Brass Head Mallets provide unequalled control and balance in a compact design.  They serve as a real extension of the craftsman’s hand. Turned and polished brass heads are joined to finely finished maple handles.  They create the true essence of form and function.

How often have you been ‘pushing’ gouge or chisel and suddenly have it slip?  Mallets help to eliminate such mishaps.

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And finally, are you interested in making your own wooden mallet?  Here is a great link to learn 3 different methods!


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